What is a Master's in Architecture?

Architecture is a discipline that merges art, science, and technology to design and construct spaces and structures.

While a bachelor's degree in architecture provides a solid foundation in these areas, a master's in architecture delves deeper, focusing on specialized areas and preparing professionals to tackle more complex and specific challenges.

Depth and Specialization

A master's in architecture is typically a postgraduate program aimed at deepening the competencies and skills gained during undergraduate studies. Students can choose to specialize in areas such as urban design, sustainable architecture, heritage restoration, interior design, construction technology, landscaping, and others. This specialization enables architects to develop more specific and advanced solutions for contemporary challenges in the built environment.

Theoretical and Practical Development

The master's program not only focuses on the practical application of knowledge but also offers a robust theoretical foundation. Through research and study, students gain a deeper understanding of the principles, theories, and philosophies underpinning architectural practice. This theoretical training is vital for developing innovative solutions and contributing to the discipline's advancement.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Master's programs often promote interdisciplinary collaboration. Architects collaborate with engineers, urban planners, sociologists, ecologists, and other professionals to devise holistic solutions to complex issues. This collaboration broadens the student's horizon and equips them with the skills needed to work in real-world multidisciplinary teams.

Research and Contribution to the Field

A significant portion of a master's in architecture involves research. Students can undertake research projects addressing contemporary issues, future challenges, or personal areas of interest. Through this research, students not only acquire essential research skills but also get the chance to contribute to the broader body of knowledge in architecture.

Preparation for the Future

With rapid technological advancements and growing awareness of issues like climate change and sustainability, the field of architecture is ever-evolving. A master's in architecture prepares professionals to adapt to these shifts, equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to lead rather than follow.

Why MCH stands out as one of the best international master's programs (Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing)

The world of architecture and urban design is in constant flux, and for professionals seeking to elevate their careers, the "Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing" program presents an unparalleled opportunity. But what are the tangible benefits this program offers its participants?

1. Multidisciplinary Approach

The program doesn't focus solely on architectural design; it comprehensively addresses topics as diverse as energy and sustainability, housing theory, construction and technology, urban design, low-cost and emergency housing, and the socioeconomic and political aspects related to housing. This holistic approach prepares students to tackle the real-world complexities of architecture and urbanism.

2. International Recognition

The collaboration between the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and ETH Zurich, one of the world's most prestigious technological universities, assures students of an internationally recognized diploma. This recognition opens doors in job markets worldwide.

3. Synergy between Universities

Since 2017, the program has been co-designed by professors from both universities, merging the best of the Latin and Germanic/Anglo-Saxon cultural environments. This collaboration enriches the course content and broadens international networking and collaboration opportunities for students.

4. Lasting Ties

The program encourages the creation of enduring bonds between participants and their instructors. These ties are valuable professionally and lay the groundwork for future collaborative research and knowledge exchange.

5. Career Boost

The program doesn't just focus on imparting knowledge; it's also dedicated to assisting students in job searches and career advancement. Its emphasis on teamwork prepares students for pivotal roles in major architectural firms, urban planning, and related fields.

6. Practical and Collaborative Focus

MCH values teamwork, mirroring how contemporary offices and research labs operate. This practical training ensures graduates are ready to integrate and immediately contribute in their professional roles.

7. Student Profile

Over its 15 editions, the MCH Master's program has hosted over 305 distinguished students who have experienced the course's high quality. With a 96% positive rating from students and 72% of international students from 38 different nations spanning all continents, the MCH Master's establishes itself as a genuinely international and prestigious educational offering.


The MCH, known as the Master's program in Collective Housing Architecture, is a joint venture between the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

With 15 successful editions behind it, many experts and professionals in the field recognize it as one of the most prestigious master's courses in architecture. The next edition will kick off in April 2024, with applications for the MCH2024 program accepted until January 31 of that year, or until all slots are filled. Notably, the MCH is the first official postgraduate program offered by both UPM and ETH, taking place in Madrid.

Excellence is a cornerstone of the MCH, evident in both the meticulous selection of its students and its faculty, comprising renowned professionals globally.

This combination ensures a top-tier academic experience. In conclusion, the "Master of Advanced Studies in Collective Housing" program isn't just another postgraduate course. It's an investment in the future, offering academic, professional, and personal advantages hard to find in other similar programs. For those committed to excellence in housing and urban design, this program presents an unparalleled opportunity.


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