Master of Architecture in 2024

Focused on collective housing, city and energy studies, this Master of Architecture is considered one of the best postgraduate courses in its field.


MCH Master, officially known as the Master in Collective Housing, is a standout advanced studies program jointly presented by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH in Zurich.

Focused on collective housing, city and energy studies, this Master of Architecture is considered one of the best postgraduate courses in its field by experts and architects around the world. Below, we present the reasons that make MCH Master the perfect program for your architecture training in 2024.

MCH Master: Excellence in Architectural Training

With fifteen successful editions under its belt, MCH Master has set a precedent for academic excellence. Committed to the highest level of education, MCH Master brings together internationally prestigious professors and carefully selected students to ensure the best possible results.

Key Details of the MCH Master

The MCH Master, whose next edition begins in March 2024, offers a duration of 8 months of classes with a final delivery in December. Based in Madrid, Spain, the program also includes study trips. The course is taught entirely in English, with a cost of € 19,800.

Program Structure and Professors

The program consists of 60 ECTS, and each credit is associated with 25 hours of personal work. Students will have the opportunity to develop their design skills in intensive workshops and modules, under the guidance of experienced professionals in the field.

MCH Master invites architects of all nationalities to participate in its selection process. This program is specially designed for those who are looking to increase their knowledge about collective housing and high-density cities.

Profile of Our Participants

To date, MCH Master has completed 13 editions with 305 exceptional participants who have experienced the excellence of the program. With a 96% satisfaction rate from our students and 72% international students from 38 countries and 5 continents, MCH Master is a truly global and recognized program.

Admission Process

The admission period for the 2024 edition of the MCH Master has already begun and will remain open until January 31, 2024, or until the last places are filled. This exhaustive process ensures that only the most suitable candidates are selected to participate in this prestigious program. To start your journey with MCH Master, you can apply for admission here.

Internationally Prestigious Professors

MCH Master takes pride in having internationally prestigious professors in its faculty. This team of architecture experts provides students with valuable guidance and teaching throughout their educational journey. Also, their rich experience and deep knowledge of the field provide students with a unique vision and a global perspective on architecture.

Another big plus is the valuation of the faculty, as some of these professors have been awarded the Pritzker prize, which guarantees an excellent level in the teaching of the Master's degree.

Considered one of the Best Masters Worldwide

The MCH Collective Housing Master has been internationally awarded, and it is considered in the best rankings as the best Master of Architecture at the European level and the third globally.


If you want to enroll or get more information, access the MCHMaster website and request your place.


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