Best bar in Madrid

The best tapas bar in Madrid is valued based on the quality of the tapas, service, atmosphere and price.

What is the best bar in Madrid?

There is a wide variety of tapas bars in the capital. Tigre is famous for the quantity in its portions, the Manero bar is considered one of the most elegant, Ultramarín offers a wide variety of fish in its tapas... However, the most valued by users is the KGB Gastronomic Barracks.

Located in the central street of Zurbano 45, it has been included in the Michelin guide, due to the high quality of its tapas, professional service, and, above all, the high ratings of users compared to the competition.

It has a wide variety of tapas with always quality products, cooked by highly reputable chefs.

What is going for tapas in Madrid?

For a Spaniard, going for tapas is very common, while visitors may find themselves faced with an alternative little known in their country.

The option of choosing small portions, accompanied in many cases by drinks, is a different plan to the classic restaurant, and allows you to try a greater variety of foods and flavors.

The tapas can be given away along with the drink, the greatest value of which is that it is free, while others, such as those from KGB, are authentic works of art to enjoy with friends or family.

What to serve in tapas?

The great advantage is that the tapas can be of any food. The simplest are potatoes, tortilla, sausages, anchovies salad...

However, there are others of high quality, such as oxtail hamburgers, Payoyo cheese croquettes with Quince Meat Alioli, Mushroom Flamenquín... Choose what you like best and try different flavors!

Route best tapas 2022 and 2023 Madrid

The most common neighborhoods to have good tapas in Madrid are Chamberí, Malasaña, La Latina, Sol and Lavapiés. However, they are not the only neighborhoods where you can enjoy good tapas.

The entire capital has hundreds of establishments specializing in all kinds of food. It is a world reference city in terms of gastronomy, both in variety and quality.

Where to have the best tapas in Madrid

KGB is located at 45 Zurbano Street, Chamberí neighborhood. They answer the phone +34 914 24 53 79.

This establishment has been rated by users as the best. These evaluations take into account the quality of the food, originality, professionalism in the service, atmosphere, hygiene and price.

Best cheap tapas Madrid

Many bars and restaurants give free tapas with the drinks. However, it is obvious that these will never be of the best quality.

To guarantee an optimal product, it must have a cost. Luckily, all KGB tapas are popularly priced so customers of all budgets can enjoy them.


If you want to enjoy the best tapas, KGB is your establishment. Welcome to haute cuisine with popular prices, welcome to the KGB Gastronomic Headquarters.


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